Alta Vista

Thin Blue Line

3rd Annual High Altitude Challenge



Last year, our payloads reached confirmed altitudes of 104,000′ (Aaquilla – GPS and Pressure) and 106,000′ to 116,000′ (Bakteriak – Pressure only).  Another payload reached unknown altitude.  The year prior, we confirmed an altitude of 78,000′.  In the last 2 year, 5 out of 5 payloads have been recovered, a remarkable streak.  These teams have laid the groundwork.  The long-term goal for this project is to launch a student-built satellite on a commercial rocket in the next few years.  This satellite must return useful scientific data to Stevens High School, and will carry something of value from each student involved in the preceding years.

Future Constraints:

  1. The system should survive an acceleration spectrum 3 times greater than that characteristic of launch
  2. The payload must meet outgrassing and other criteria for space launch
  3. The payload mass must fall under 250g
  4. The system must be self-powered