AP Physics 1 Projects

AP Physics 2 Projects


Details and Deadlines:


Stage 1: Teams of 2 will prepare a one page memo laying out how you will address the objective of the competition.  Consider elegance, feasibility, robustness, cost, and form (AP Physics 1). Consider materials, tracking, communication, recovery, instrumentation, design, cost, feasibility, and impact (AP Physics 2).

  1. S1 due date: Thursday 10/15
  2. S1 memo comments due and vote: Friday 10/23
  3. S2 teams announced: Monday 10/26

Stage 2: Teams of 5 will prepare a five to seven minute presentation fully addressing the details from Stage 1.  Ballots will be filled out during the speeches to vote on the top two teams from each class.

  1. S2 due date: Thursday 11/17 and Wednesday 11/18
  2. S3 teams announced: Friday 11/20

Stage 3:  Teams of about 13 must prepare to give a large group including a VC panel of experts pulled from the community and the school.  The presentation will be 8 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions.  The top designs will receive their requested budget.

  1. S3 due date: Thursday 12/10

Stage 4: The winning teams must break into roles and build the designs

  1. S4 delivered dates: Varies for AP Physics 1 and 2 
Winners announced by Dr. Smith after Stage 3